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Whitehills Childcare ANNOUNCEMENT!

Whitehills Childcare Association is very excited to announce that we have been awarded the operation of the child care centre and before and after school program at Sir Arthur Currie, the new Thames Valley District School Board’s elementary school in Northwest London at 2435 Buroak Drive.

As well, we will be the lead agency for the Family Centre being built at this same location. At this time it is anticipated that the before and after school will begin the first day of school, September 2017, followed by the child care on October 10th, 2017 and finally the Family Centre. These time frames could shift as construction progresses.
The child care will accommodate 88 children, infant to pre-school as well as a before and after program for children of kindergarten age to 12 years. If you are interested in enrolling your child in our Northwest program please follow the London & Middlesex Child Care Waitlist link and complete an on-line application.

Please Note: If you are applying for a child care space, please use October 10th, 2017 or later as your start date. If you are applying for a before and after space, please use September 5th, 2017 or later as your start date. For more information please contact Stephanie or Sarah at 519-471-1640.

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This project is generously funded by the Ministry of Education, in support of the Early Years Vision and in partnership with Thames Valley District School Board and the City of London.

Please click the image above to read this letter from Sue Bruyns, Principal of Sir Arthur Currie, outlining some important information regarding the school, child care, before and after program and Family Centre.

About Whitehills Childcare

Whitehills Childcare Association operates high-quality child care programs for children Infant-12 years in North-West London and surrounding Middlesex County and provides the lead for Family Centre Fox Hollow.

Our programs are licensed by the Ministry of Education and we embrace the Ministry’s document “How Does Learning Happen” as our framework to guide the important work we do in our programs on a daily basis. We focus on the four foundations for learning: Belonging, Well-Being, Engagement and Expression.

We provide inclusive environments that welcome families and encourage their participation. We support ongoing communication between educators and families and positive and responsive interactions among the children, parents and staff. We believe that when we all work together, we support the well-being of children and families.

Educators engage with the children in their play and learning. Our indoor and outdoor environments invite children to safely learn through play and exploration and a wealth of natural, real and play materials are provided to encourage creativity, curiosity and connection with the children’s natural world.

Healthy eating and physical activity are an essential part of every day. Visits from community members and excursions to local environments give children opportunities to engage with the people and places around them. We work closely with other services and participate in initiatives aimed at improving the lives of children, families and educators.

As lead of Family Centre Fox Hollow, Whitehills Childcare Association works together with other service providers to provide coordinated service for families including Parenting & Early Learning, Early Childhood Education, Public Health and Wellness,Recreation,Sports and Leisure, Youth Services and Referral, Resources, Information and Awareness. Family Centre Fox Hollow is designed to make life easier for all families and residents by offering a single door to many opportunities in your neighbourhood and city. Everyone is welcome.

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Whitehills News

1706, 2017

A Letter from the Principal at Sir Arthur Currie

Sue Bruyns, Principal of Sir Arthur Currie, has provided us a letter which outlines some important information regarding the school, child care, before and after program and Family Centre.

1004, 2017

Whitehills Childcare Announcement

Whitehills Childcare Association is very excited to announce that we have been awarded the operation of the child care centre and before and after school program at the new Thames Valley District School Board’s elementary school in Northwest London (soon to be named), 2435 Buroak Drive.

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Our Locations

Child Care locations in Northwest London and surrounding Middlesex County.


Child Care Centres

Ages 0 – 5 years

Licensed , high quality full and part-time programs where children and educators play, learn and explore together and families feel a sense of belonging.

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School Age Programs

Ages 3.8 – 12 years

Licensed, high quality before and after school and full day programs where school age children can play, learn, explore and build friendships.

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Ages 2.5 – 5 years

Licensed, high-quality programs offered 2 morning/ week where children can play, learn and explore as they transition to school.

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Family Centre

Fox Hollow

Family Centre Fox Hollow, located in the Sir Arthur Currie Public School, 2435 Buroak Drive, London, will be opening its doors in late fall, 2017.

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“I just wanted to give some feedback about the Himama program that you’ve started. I am a big fan of anything digital. I feel that things don’t get lost that way and I am always able to access reports from anywhere. When my wife picks up T, I am able to see the report at the exact time she does. Even if I am away from home, I can still see the report. It really keeps E and I in the loop with T’s day.”
Anonymous • Testimony
“R and I have been loving Himama!  It is an instant way to see what P is up to in her classroom, and see real time photos and activities that are going on with P.  I really enjoy seeing the e-mails about P’s progress and especially what she has ate, napped.  It is a truly interactive experience. I have also had her Nana and Papa sign up to receive her alerts, which has brought joy to them as well.”
Anonymous • Testimony
“We have a little girl with special needs and we know that the staff and other students at Whitehills have helped prepare her for full integration to school next year. They are forever a part of our family. 
Thank you.” 
Anonymous • Testimony
“Working at Whitehills Childcare Association has been an incredible experience for me. It has helped me become more confident in myself personally and as an Early Childhood Educator. I have been able to radically change my program’s environment, making a difference in the children’s well-being and their ability to explore their imaginations and creativity.”
Whitehills Childcare’s Registered Early Childhood Educator • Testimony